This can appear to be a complex area of financial planning and indeed there is lots to think about. Don’t let your limited knowledge prevent you from investing and looking to creating further wealth. Our CFD advisors are here to ensure you adopt an investment strategy that you’re comfortable with. To begin with we’ll set expectations

Your investment decisions are dependent on 

  • How much money you’d like to invest
  • Timescales - Is this a medium or long term investment
  • Your reasons for investing
  • Your attitude to risk
  • Your tax position

You can be Involved as much you like to be in managing your investments. At CFD we are completely transparent with our advice and all fees are disclosed from the beginning and throughout.

The progress and performance of your investments are monitored regularly and we’ll catch up to ensure they are still meeting your expectations.

From bonds to property and the international stock market our expert advisors understand your investment options. We’ll explain them to you using terms you understand. Ultimately the success of any investment is based on your initial expectations so it’s vital you feel confident in your choices.

If you’d like to create an investment plan, schedule a meeting with our advisors here.