We realise that personal budgeting can seem daunting. It conjures up images of lots of cost cutting and dollar watching (penny pinching). It absolutely doesn’t have to be this way. Budgeting is simply a way of understanding your finances.

We begin by taking a look back. We analyse where your money actually goes. There’s no great mystery to this but often we put it off because we don’t want to see the reality. However, once you actually see where your money goes it’s up to you to decide if that’s how you want your income to be used. It’s all up to you.

Next, we’ll create a plan. Our CFD advisors will chat with you to understand your lifestyle and how you want to live.

Then we review it every so often. We look at how your planned spending has gone compared to the plan we created. And that’s it, you are in control. You are managing your finances. It’s a great feeling to know you understand your income and expenditure.

The confidence you gain will spill over into all areas of your life. Money is the number one reason people cite for being stressed. Imagine never feeling that way again.

If you end up with surplus funds on a monthly basis, we can advise on how to best use these given your financial situation. Perhaps you should deposit the excess in high interest savings account or use it to reduce a home loan or maybe take that overseas trip. We’ve taken the time to understand your lifestyle and your goals so our advice is all about making you happy while remaining financially sound. 

Chat to us today about budgeting.