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John Buttersfield

Country Financial Directions - John Buttersfield

John is the Principal, Senior Financial Planner and Director of Country Financial Directions.

Entering the business in his early twenties he has guided many clients through financial cycles over the last 34 years, he believes that no two client situations are the same excepting for their need for mutual trust and total understanding of their situation and the services we offer.

John has an Advanced Diploma in Financial Services and has been a member of several community boards, currently being a board member of the Avon Community Development Foundation.

Luke Buttersfield

Country Financial Directions - Luke Buttersfield

Luke is a Senior Financial Planner with Country Financial Directions.

Luke began his finance career with BankWest and moved to Country Financial Directions eleven years ago. In those eleven years he has seen a large change in financial planning and changes in clients lives, he understands the stresses on young families and has built up a trusting client base by reducing bad debt and starting clients on the road to financial independance.

Luke has an Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning and is an active member of his community being involved in Volunteer Service organisations and numerous other clubs.

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